Power of ONE: Creativity blossoms in the Philippines

My name is Ellyn. I am 7 years old.

Ellyn’s drawing of herself holding paper and pencil.

That’s me holding a pencil and a paper. Yes, I love to draw.

Ellyn’s drawing of she and her mother walking to a Children International community center

That is me and my mother. We are going to the Children International center. She is a volunteer and she always takes me to this beautiful place where there are doctors, dentists, medicines, a library full of books, computers, a playground and lots of fun stuff for kids like me.

Ellyn’s drawing of herself in a community center arts class

But for me, what I love doing here is practicing how to draw. I joined the arts program here and I love it. I get to learn so many things about drawing.

Ellyn’s drawing of herself teaching her friends

When I get back home, I gather my friends and teach them what I have learned about drawing. I love playing the teacher, and my friends are my students. My dream is that someday I will become a teacher. But it doesn’t mean I have to wait to get older before I can teach.

Ellyn’s drawing of her Ellyn with her mother

My mother told me I can always do small things to help others. Each one of us can help. Even kids like me can help. So, every week, I invite my friends to our house and teach them what I know. It’s a fun game, but we also get to learn so many things.

Ellyn’s drawing of herself and others

Like superheroes, we too have different powers we can use to help others. Teaching and drawing are the superpowers I have to help make the world a colorful and happy place. What’s yours?

Ellyn with her favorite tools: crayons and colored pencils

How are you making the world a happy place? Tell us in the comments below!


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