If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

CI’s superpower is bringing you MORE wonderful stories. In this case, quotes from CI kids — telling us about the powers they wish they had!

“I want to be a princess. With this power, I would change other princesses to cats so I could be the only princess.”
– Evis (7), Barranquilla, Colombia


“The superpower that I want is the ability to fly. I’d save those in danger when travelling by air. I would use this power to immediately respond to any emergency situation, without being bothered by any traffic in the streets. I also want to see the beauty of the world.”
– Angelica (10), Bicol, Philippines


“To fly. I don’t know why. To get home?!?”
– Daniela (4), Guadalajara, Mexico   


“To have Iron Man’s armor, because I’d be able to fly, to carry weight in space or go under the water. It would be useful for society to be able to weld in high altitudes with no risk of falling. I could build huge bridges and unite countries.”
– Bryan (18), Quito, Ecuador


“If I had one superpower, I’d like to create electricity. I would go to all the far places in the world and give them electricity so that the lives of people living there would become easier.”
– Rein (10), Bicol, Philippines 


“Running fast, because I like to run fast in football. If I had the superpower for real, I’d help people that need it really fast! 
– Bryan (14), Little Rock, Arkansas


“To be Supergirl, because she helps people when they are in danger.”
– Sandy (12), San Pedro Sula, Honduras 


“To have a magical healing power, so that I could heal those who are sick. They could even transfer their disease to me, and they would eventually get well.”
– Jeannevie (13), Quezon City, Philippines  


“To fly around the world to see if something bad is happening and fix it. I also want to be Catwoman and fight against the villains!”
– Melany (11), Guayaquil, Ecuador


“I want an energy superpower where I can carry heavy things without difficulty and fight with bad people who would cause disorder in society. To defend those who are weak and helpless.”
– Rianne (8), Bicol, Philippines


“To have the ability to share love. Because I want people to stay happy!”
– Jeamarie (16), Manila, Philippines 


“To give prosperity to people who need it since there are so many children who are hungry or live in terrible conditions. I would like to have this superpower because I see the suffering of many people and I would like to alleviate that.”
- Aldair (17), Barranquilla, Colombia 


Jun 22, 2016

I'd like to have the superpower of energy to be able to keep up with all these kids' goals! They are so inspirational! (And they make me laugh!)

Jul 6, 2016

All the CI children's wishes were so powerful that it made me feel so good that those children have the right attitude for the world to be a better place for everyone! Thanks for sharing their stories!

Jul 6, 2016

Thank you for sharing all these beautiful stories from some amazing children. God's blessings to them all!

Jul 6, 2016

I agree with the young man named Aldair. That's the superpower I'd like.
Those kids were not selfish & wishing for things totally for themselves. I really liked that.

Jul 8, 2016

I agree with GinaBKellogg - I'd like the superpower of being able to keep up with these amazing kids. These children inspire great confidence in me for our global future.

Jul 10, 2016

Wonderful! Use your imagination ! Dream!

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