The progress on poverty

We know the issue of global poverty can seem pretty big. With 7 billion people in this world, where do we start?!

That’s where the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) come in. In September 2000, 189 nations agreed on a vision: A world with less poverty, hunger and disease, better educated children, equal opportunities for women and other objectives. They ID’d 8 goals and measured them over the last 15 years.

We’ve made tons of progress! Sure, we have lots more work ahead. But these MDG results prove what amazing achievements can be made when passionate people come together for a common cause.

Progress on Poverty Part 1

As you can see, the work global leaders — and enthusiastic supporters like you — have accomplished has made a significant difference in the world: A billion people no longer living in extreme poverty, 200 million fewer people are starving, and 48 million kids have survived past their 5th birthdays. Plus, 2/3 of the global population now has access to proper sanitation, including toilets or latrines. And 90% of the world enjoys improved drinking water sources.

There is still much to be done, but take heart. You really can make a difference.

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