Welcome sponsorship's newest addition: Bicol

Big changes are happening in the Philippines! Starting in August 2015, we are introducing a new agency to our Philippines operations: Children International – Bicol. (It’s pronounced BEE-col. We call it CIB, for short.)

Children International – Bicol will replace the Tabaco and Legazpi agencies that currently operate in the Albay province of the Philippines. While the change will consolidate our administration, it will have little to no effect on sponsored children in the area.

Sponsored children will continue to use the same community centers, see the same friendly volunteers and  most importantly  have access to the same great benefits and programs made available through your support. The only functional difference for families is that our organization will have a different name.

By consolidating operations into one new agency there, CI-Bicol, we’ll better meet the needs of our sponsors and their children in the area. - See more at: https://ciwebauth.children.org/Articles/Article/11783?lang=en-US#sthash.cedPuA3S.dpuf

So, why are we consolidating Legazpi and Tabaco into one agency? Efficiency and cost-savings.

  • One administrative office will help us better manage staff, benefits and programs.
  • It will be easier for sponsors to visit their children in the region  one stop instead of two!
  • We’ll save money  money you generously provide  on administrative costs, electricity, security and all those expenses associated with having two offices.

Have kids in Manila or Quezon City? No need to worry! This change won’t impact operations in those areas.

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