The heart of communities in need

Where was your favorite place to spend time as a kid? The park? A friend’s house? A treehouse in your backyard? For our kids, that favorite place is our community centers!

Life outside our centers is hard. So, inside we offer lots to love!

Our playgrounds are wildly popular. (For most kids, the only other option for play is the street.)

Say, “Aah!” Our medical clinics keep kids happy and healthy with yearly exams and other health services on an as-needed basis.

Does anyone really like going to the dentist? Our kids do! They leave our dental clinics grinning ear to ear showing off their pearly whites. (Some even look forward to their next appointment!)

“What do we love about our centers?” They’re the central hub for teen programs like the Youth Leadership Council, Youth Reporters and more. Whether putting on a concert or planning an event, something exciting is always happening!

Can you imagine life without books? Our kids don’t have to. Our libraries provide study areas and reading materials for all ages, from math textbooks to Dr. Seuss. Tutors offer help as needed, too.

Another favorite room? Our computer labs. Kids learn basic technical skills and Internet safety and use the equipment for homework and research projects (and, maybe, a fun  but educational  computer game or two).

The community centers are built for versatility. For example, anything goes in our large multipurpose rooms: karate classes, movie nights, graduation celebrations and more.

Malnutrition is a constant threat to impoverished kids. But our centers provide a place for screening and rehabilitation programs that give kids nutritious meals. And parents learn how to choose and prepare healthy food.

These are only highlights of what make our centers so special. The best part? More are in the works! Check out what’s planned and learn how you can help create even more centers of hope for kids in need.

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