The astonishing power of one-to-one sponsorship

The work our supporters make possible is all about people. It's in the very word that describes organizations like CI: humanitarian. In our case, we have the honor of assisting little humans (and their families) bust out of poverty.

And it is because of relationships that any of it is possible. CI staff and supporters. Sponsors and children. Volunteers and community leaders. Partnerships with other organizations. It's all about connecting and working together toward the common goal of eventually putting organizations like CI out of business.

Yep. If you think about it, that really is the ultimate objective. And if it ever happens, that'll be such a great day!

Idealists like us can dream of a world without poverty. We all know it can be done on a one-to-one basis. We have the success stories to prove it's possible! So, logically, if we have enough “ones,” it can eventually add up to “everyone,” right?

Until then, we'll keep rolling up our sleeves and showing up for work  work that we consider a pleasure and a privilege to do. And we'll also continue being grateful for our supporters and partners and friends who make change happen.

CI shares success stories of the amazingly altered lives of young people all over the world: Sponsored kids and formerly sponsored kids who are breaking the cycle of poverty. We share as many of their stories as we can with you  but there are countless others. There simply isn't enough time or space to share them all.

So, it recently struck me that there's no way we can thank you enough for all the transformed lives you touch and may never even hear about.

In the spirit of relationships and the human connections underlying child sponsorship, thank you. And thanks for making it possible for us to believe that, one of these days, we may no longer be needed!

P.S. When I finished writing this, I remembered a Steven Pinker quote that seems apropos:

“We will never have a perfect world, but it's not romantic or naïve to work toward a better one.”


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