Photoblog: Best. Recycling. Ever!

I'm a firm believer in recycling. Every can, bottle or piece of chipboard with those three little arrows finds its way into my recycling bin. I even save my bottles and cans when I'm not home so I can recycle them upon my return.

But my efforts pale in comparison to the recycling CI undertakes when it's time to build a new community center. When remodeling an existing building or tearing it down to build a brand-new one, we strip every reusable item from the premises for the families in the communities. I think that's amazing  and amazingly resourceful.

It's like the world's happiest yard sale as sponsored families are invited to choose free items they can use to improve their homes. Cabinetry, doors, windows, wiring, roofing  it's all up for grabs. Volunteer parents are usually invited to go first, as a "thank you" for all their hard work.

We also make sure local schools receive chairs, desks and books. Improving the kids' learning environment is a win-win!

Families in the community are thrilled to be able to repurpose these items!

It's just one more way our community centers make a lasting impact on kids, families and communities. And you can add it to your list of reasons to feel good about being a part of the Children International family.

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