Growing a community

“To nurture is to feed not just the body, but the soul.” — Alfred Austin

An organic garden is flourishing under the hardworking hands of volunteer mothers in Quito, Ecuador.

The Community Vegetable Garden Project began as an experiment in healthy eating after community center doctors began noticing a rise in child obesity.

Children International partnered with local government group CONQUITO to teach hundreds of mothers the steps to maintaining a successful garden and raising a healthy family.

Step 1) Plant the seeds. (Teach proper nutrition.)

Parents unaware of the dietary needs of their children previously served foods low in nutritional value – a costly mistake for both their budgets and health.

Step 2) Water. (Educate about pesticide dangers.)

Mothers learned how to grow their produce the natural way – no pesticides involved.

Step 3) Fertilize. (Nourish meal-planning knowledge.)

Their harvests of cauliflower, radishes, potatoes, lettuce and other vegetables are enhanced by nutrition and meal-preparation lessons by CI staff.

Step 4) Harvest. (Save money. Raise healthier families.)

After harvesting the crops, they take their newfound knowledge and use it to prepare nutritious meals at a much lower cost!

“Today, my children love to eat salads and healthy food containing vegetables,” volunteer mother Ana says. “Before, they had bad eating habits. Now, they like when I cook corn or delicious veggie lasagna.”

But these gardens provide more than just food – they are also a source of extra income! The mothers sell their surplus fruits and veggies at local markets.

We’re seriously impressed with these hardworking and determined mothers who keep these gardens up and running! Learn more about the community garden project.


Mar 18, 2017

To return, to rediscover personal involvement in food: to plant seeds, tend to tender seedlings, to harvest something that you and the earth have created! And with the best method: organic. The photos of their smiles made me share their joy. Thank you for this presentation. It's a winner. Rachel Fischoff, sponsor of five young people, one in Ecuador, four in Zambia.

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