Field trip: A culinary tour

Meet the people behind the cameras who bring you wonderful photos and stories of sponsored children.

We asked our field correspondents to take a selfie with their favorite foods. The results are pretty tasty!

Dianna Mitchell

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

The meal that I am eating is from a Mediterranean café. It is their “herb-roasted pork loin feast,” and it is delicious! It includes three grilled pork loin chops that are served with tomato chutney aioli  the best part of the meal! The feast also includes a side of grilled asparagus, roasted new potatoes and a Greek salad.

It is not an “American” or “Arkansan” dish, but it is one of my favorite meals. On this particular night, I treated myself after a long day of “field corresponding.” It was a great way to cap off the night.

Jesús Almendárez

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

You’re not from Honduras if you’ve never eaten rice and beans soup!

No doubt, this is my favorite meal. It’s made with fresh red beans and white rice. You can add all sorts of things to it  white half-salted cheese, eggs, cracklings or meat, white cream, hard-boiled green banana or vegetables.

Personally, I only eat it with cheese, a hard-boiled egg, some avocado and a tortilla (with a glass of soda on the side).

Verónica Arévalo

Guatemala City, Guatemala

I’m eating elote loco or “crazy corn.” It’s cooked corn with mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and a Guatemalan cheese called queso duro.

Andrés Rosero

Quito, Ecuador

Here I am eating a delightful lunch: The traditional dish hornado, roasted pork with tortillas de papa or potato patties, mote or white corn, tomato and lettuce. I especially love to eat the crunchy roasted skin of the pork called cuerito reventado.

I like to eat at this restaurant since it is always fresh, and the dressing and spices give the pork a unique and delicious flavor. Behind me, you can see part of the south side of Quito.

Xavier Hernández

Guadalajara, Mexico

Here I am with my friend, Michelle, at a coffee shop. I ordered a focaccia with four cheeses, and she had a vegetarian panini. We wanted something refreshing, so we also ordered a couple of cold red fruit smoothies. Everything was delicious!

Patricia Huerta

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Today I ate my lunch with the operations coordinators. We had rice, menestra, or lentil stew, and chicken.

The photos were taken in our cafeteria in the central office.

Patricia Calderón

Barranquilla, Colombia

Well, I'm here at a restaurant ready to clean my plate! This is one of my favorite dishes, and it is prepared only in this region. Looks appetizing, right?

It has coconut rice, carne en posta or braised beef, and fried plantains – both the sweet ones and the savory green ones. You cannot imagine the way this dish is prepared here, so when visiting the northern coast of Colombia, don’t forget to order it. I guarantee you’ll lick your fingers!

Audrey Hamayanda

Lusaka, Zambia

This is a plate of nshima (a cornmeal mush) served with a T-bone, Chinese cabbage and potato soup. This right here is the real deal for me.

It’s my favorite meal because it is balanced and tasty … and filling, too! The filling part is why I can only eat my favorite meal at lunch time and only twice a week. After this meal, I make sure supper is as light as possible. I also drink a lot of water 15 minutes after any meal.

Marelvis Campo

Cartagena, Colombia

In this picture, I’m eating a deli sandwich. I love it, because it is fresh and quick to eat. I don’t have too much time to eat before I go to my English class, and sandwiches are very easy to prepare.

Anthony Lorcha

Legazpi, Philippines

My favorite food to eat is the “Bicol Special” with laing, atchara and porkchop.

I love to eat laing! It’s made from local gabi or taro leaves. The leaves are simmered in coconut cream and then served with siling labuyo or chili pepper. I’m also fond of eating atchara, which is a Filipino-style pickle relish. The one that I have for lunch is made out of green papaya. It’s yummy, and it makes you crave to eat more food!

Leo Ganace

Tabaco, Philippines

This is the perfect carbo-loading food for me! Palabok’s vermicelli noodles are topped with an overload of seafood, pork meat and pork rinds. Its distinct sauces make it an all-time Filipino favorite.

Add to that an assortment of round and sweet rice-based desserts called puto, kutsinta and sapin-sapin … and you have a perfect combination!

Pauline Paguia

Manila, Philippines

When we brought one of my foreign friends around the metro, we stopped by a fast food chain that sold halo-halo. Halo means "mix" in English. Halo-halo is a mix of beans, gelatin, flan, ice cream, crispies in ice with condensed milk.

Whenever we have friends from outside the country, it's a must to have them try the all-time favorite Filipino dessert!


Carmelinda Carpio

Quezon City, Philippines

This is the Philippine rice cake bibingka. Traditionally made from galapong (milled glutinous rice), coconut milk, margarine and sugar, it’s typically cooked in a clay pot lined with pre-cut banana leaf (hence the banana leaf as part of the serving).

The bibingka I’m eating here is topped with salted eggs, kesong puti (white cheese from unskimmed carabao’s milk) and grated coconut. Why do I love bibingka? First, it’s soft, sweet and smooth, and  of course  because it goes perfectly with brewed coffee!


Shane Alliew

Kolkata, India

Here I am gorging on a world-popular snack called puchka or panipuri. It is a crisp flour-based puff filled with boiled mashed potatoes, yellow peas, a lot of spices and green chilies. This is then dipped into a pot filled with sweet-and-sour tamarind water and served.

Depending on the variations, the puchka can be slightly sweet, spicy or very spicy!

The roadside snack is also really, really cheap … you can get six of these balls for just Rs. 10 [US$0.16]!

Erenia Mesa

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Here I am at the community center in Bayaguana.

I like this food because it's quick and easy to prepare. It is rice, sardines, green salad, soda and some avocado. It is very nutritious ... but what I like is that it can be prepared in less than 20 minutes. Bon appétit!

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