Power of ONE: See how Frixon is punching through poverty

Frixon Angelo. You’d do well to remember that name because you could be seeing it again if Frixon has a say in it. This 12-year-old from Quito, Ecuador, has set his sights on being a world-renowned karate expert. Already, he has a lot of people cheering him on — including CI.

Frixon says such encouragement helps him aspire to that lofty goal. And he credits CI, his family and his karate instructor for the support.

Frixon describes how CI inspires him and how he wishes the same for all children:

Q: What do you want people to know about you?

I have four brothers. Like my brothers, I take karate. I am part of a local team. My brothers are international karateka (karate experts); they are selected from Ecuador. One of my brothers was a Pan-American champion.

Frixon demonstrates karate

Frixon loves taking karate and hopes to one day become a world champion.

Q: How did you come to be part of CI?

My cousin told me about it. I waited for two years, and I was always praying that I could enter the program. I felt sorry because my brothers could not enter, and neither could others, but I really appreciate being here. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of CI. I have met great people — like the people from Children International.

Q: What do you like most at CI?

Programs like Aflatoun (CI’s Social and Financial Education program). That’s where I have my best experiences with my friends. The organization supports me in everything. I get school supplies, shoes — everything.

Frixon strikes a karate pose

An important person in Frixon’s life is his karate instructor, who continues to provide unwavering support for his young student.

Q: Who has made a big impact in your life?

My karate instructor, Hernán Vélez. I admire him because he supports everyone but especially me, because I am one of the best students. I had a national championship a week ago. As the saying goes, “The better teacher isn’t the one who knows more but the one who gets the student to learn more.”

Q: What does the phrase “unleashing the power of (every)ONE” mean to you?

It is like a chain. As a group, we hold hands, connecting the chain. As everyone leaves to make a new chain, each one takes with them what they learned — an ability to overcome, the power of body and soul.

Q: Do you have any message for your peers?

As a saying goes, “Say no to drugs and yes to sports and studies.” I do not want to think about falling into drugs — nor my brothers or any other person. I want to be a very important person recognized by Ecuador, but if I can’t reach world recognition, I at least want to be known in my country or my province.

Impressed by Frixon? We have so many kids doing awesome things through CI! For example, meet Jamil in the Philippines.


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