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Get a glimpse into the realities of our kids’ lives with some select choices in the arts, culture and entertainment chosen by CI team members around the globe. Whether you want to learn something new or just have a little fun, these are sure to educate, inspire and entertain!

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MOVIE: “Ixcanul”

The Guatemalan entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, “Ixcanul” tells the tale of smart 17-year-old Mayan teen María, destined for an arranged marriage. Her coming-of-age journey provides a fascinating look at modern life in rural Guatemala. It is in theaters on a limited release.
~ Suggested by Verónica Arévalo, CI field reporter, Guatemala

This movie is not rated by the MPAA. Note that both the movie and its preview contain content that may be disturbing to viewers. Parental guidance is strongly suggested.

CD cover of Vallenato songs

MUSIC: Vallenato songs

A traditional musical genre born on the northern coast of Colombia, vallenato music involves gatherings known as “parrandas.” The songs are considered a threatened cultural heritage by UNESCO. Armed conflict, a new wave of vallenato and declining space for parrandas threaten its survival.
~ Suggested by Patricia Calderón, CI field reporter, Colombia

Sample vallenato music

Book cover

BOOK: “The Room on the Roof” by Ruskin Bond

Based loosely on the author’s childhood in 1940-’50s India, this beloved novel unfolds as teenage Rusty runs away from the closed European community he’s always known. He is changed forever by his exposure to vibrant Indian culture.
~ Suggested by Shane Alliew, former CI field reporter, India

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