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Over on our Facebook page, there’s a weekly feature called “Website Wednesday.” That’s when we poke around this amazing new website and pick a page to focus on each week. The new site is built to be convenient, so you can quickly find what you need. But when looking for something specific, it’s easy to miss all of the other features and resources. So, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites.

In this post, we’re bringing Website Wednesday to the website. Handy (and quite meta), huh? (But make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!)

You’re already hanging out in one of the most amazing parts of the site. This one, the Stories section, is updated all the time with new and inspiring dispatches from around the CI world. It’s a page you’re going to want to keep coming back to.

But what about some of our permanent features? Let’s check them out:

screenshot of Facts about poverty page

The “Facts about poverty” section puts this big problem into perspective. It explores poverty from the main focus areas of CI programs: health, education, empowerment and employability. There’s also some other important answers, like: Why do poor kids have cell phones? What does it mean to be “hungry?” And what’s the poverty problem look like in the United States? Check out that page now!

Screenshot of community center page

“What’s a community center?” Oh, just CI’s secret to success. This page does a great job of telling you all about centers and their roles in helping kids break out of poverty. On your virtual tour, you’ll see the different rooms and activities you’d see bustling around you in a real-life visit! Plus, see great photos and stories of new community center projects that will change lives for generations to come.

Screenshot of Share your voice page

Obviously sponsorship is the most powerful way to make a difference in the life of a kid — not to mention your own. But it’s not the only way to help! The “Share your voice” page gives you quick and easy CI stuff to share with your friends and spread the word about our movement. From one-click-to-share sample posts to inspirational quotations to amazing photos you can use for your social accounts, it’s a super-easy and powerful way to make an impact.

Screenshot of Where we help page

You don’t have to leave your desk to tour the globe. The “Where we help” page is like a virtual tour of CI’s world. For every country we serve, you’ll discover:

  • Details about the area, geographies and people
  • Info about the unique issues kids in each country face
  • Photos and quotes from the team members working there
  • Info about community centers in the country
  • Stories about kids and their successes.

Screenshot of What people say

We talk about the sponsored children you support a ton here on this site, and for good reason: They’re awesome, and that’s why we’re all here. But those aren’t the only lives we’re changing for the better. Our world-changing sponsors get to be part of an amazing experience. What do they say about it? Find out on the aptly named “What people say” page. There’s some powerful stuff about all of the different ways people have been impacted.

That’s not all!

These are just some of the favorites we’ve featured. There’s plenty more to discover, and the beautiful photography and bright colors make cruising and learning more about the fight against poverty better than it’s ever been.

Kids play at a community center Guayaquil


So, once you’ve checked out these favorites, keep looking around and watch for changes and new features over time. We hope you love it!

What are your favorite parts of the new site? Let us know in the comments, or join us over on Facebook to share your thoughts!


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