Power of ONE: Meet a happy Colombian booklover

Twelve-year-old Estefany in Barranquilla, Colombia, has been part of #TeamCI since she was just a toddler. Her younger brother and sister are also enrolled in CI sponsorship, and the tween says her family is exceedingly grateful for the support they receive from sponsors.

She loves reading, she says, and spends much of her time at her local CI community center library. Estefany also loves playing instruments (the guitar and flute) and singing. She is a vocalist in her church choir.

Here, she reveals her favorite book, who inspires her and what being part of CI is all about.

Q: What has been your best experience with CI?

To share with other children, because I live in a house that is located on a second floor, and I usually do not go out to play with other children. But, here in the library, I can share with them.

Q: In what unexpected ways has being involved with CI changed your life?

It has been very good since here we are taught to share, play, read and express ourselves with no fear.

Estefany in Colombia takes a selfie

Estefany (12) in Barranquilla, Colombia, says she enjoys playing and reading with her peers in her local CI community center.

Q: Who has had a big impact on your life?

There are several people who have influenced me here, since we are taught good things. But the volunteer Sugey has mainly influenced me. She is the person who informs us about news and information. She has helped me and guided me.

Q: Who do you admire most? Who inspires you?

I really admire my grandmother a lot because, since my parents separated, she is the one who has taken care of us.

I am also inspired by many writers — because they help us express ourselves — but especially Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who wrote "The Little Prince." It inspires me because it is about a child who is afraid of nothing and lives with a rose that means the love he has for people. I think it is a very nice story.

Q: What does the phrase "unleash the power of (every)ONE" mean to you?

For me, it means that we have to express ourselves with no fear to think that other people can reject us. It means to show us just as we are but without offending people around us.

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