Our crisis response and how you can help

give emergency help as coronavirus impacts communities in need

How Children International is responding to the coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to affect millions worldwide, we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe.

It's becoming clear that vulnerable communities, like the children and families we serve, are most at risk. Social distancing is impossible when you're living in a crowded slum. Those who were surviving on dollars a day, are now without work at all. Food is becoming scarce.

The Emergency Community Fund was designed to help during crises like this. Right now, it's being tapped to its limit.

How we support communities during emergencies

Your donation to Children International’s Emergency Community Fund provides a safety net when unexpected crises threaten to push already-struggling families even further into poverty.

The Emergency Community Fund is one of our special interventions and, together with our holistic child development program, it allows children to escape the crippling effects of poverty.

Give today and help change a life. Your gift enables help where needed most, such as:

Cover costs related to medical emergencies, including COVID-19

Provide food assistance and financial support when income is lost

Connect families with local resources to access critical aid

About Children International

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Children International is a toprated humanitarian organization focused on helping children break the cycle of poverty.

Our data-driven approach measures the outcomes of our programs aimed at helping kids graduate healthy, educated, empowered and employed.

  • More than 35 years of child sponsorship programs
  • Serving 200,000 children in 10 countries
  • 67 community centers across the world
  • 9,000 local volunteers help children

Give with confidence

84% of CI donations go directly to the field

We take our responsibility as stewards of your contributions seriously.

In FY 2019, 84% of our total operating expenses supported programs for children and youth.

How we’re keeping children and staff safe

Children International staff is working closely with local governments to support efforts to contain the virus and keep children and families healthy. At our headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, a team has been assembled that operates under three guiding principles:

  • Keep Children International employees, volunteers, sponsored children and their families safe
  • Continue to serve our sponsored children and our supporters
  • Do our part to slow community spread of the virus

Approximately 90% of our staff is working from home to support social distancing guidelines. Around 10-15 employees unable to do their jobs from home remain in the building, which we now consider a low-risk environment.

As the effects of the pandemic continue to evolve, our teams are working hard to gather information to share with you. In some cases, new information isn’t always available, but that doesn’t mean progress isn’t happening. We know you are concerned about your sponsored child, and it’s our goal to provide you the most meaningful updates possible. Going forward, we will be working to update this page monthly, so we can best summarize the meaningful impact you are making for children and families affected by the coronavirus. In the meantime, sponsors should be aware that letters, child photos and family updates will likely still be delayed.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this challenging time and we’re thankful for your dedication to our movement to end child poverty.

View 10 images of life during the coronavirus.
Keeping hope alive during the crisis.

Last updated: August 3, 2020


How your support has helped our teams in the field

  • HYGIENE EDUCATION: Through videos, posters and text messages, you’re helping to amplify how important handwashing is to preventing the spread of the coronavirus.
  • TELEHEALTH SERVICES: Your support is helping provide telehealth services to sponsored families. Doctors are meeting over the phone, then providing referrals to health care providers.
  • VIRTUAL PROGRAMMING: With most community center closed, thanks to you, we’re finding new methods to deliver value to sponsored children and youth, like digital learning sessions.
  • FOOD AND INCOME REPLACEMENT: We’re coordinating with local partners to provide as much aid as possible. Your support of the Emergency Community Fund will help provide more assistance to children and families.
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