5 quotes that illustrate a mother’s love

sponsored children and mothers share aspirations and reasons to be grateful this Mother’s Day

Whether you’re a caregiver, guardian, father or mother – you want what’s best for your children. Mothers living in poverty are no different. Where the difference lies is that they often don’t have the resources to set their children up for success. That’s where our supporters come in. They help give our mothers hope that their children can have an easier life than they did.

Enjoy these photos and quotes from mothers and children around the world.

I want my child to go to college and start working and that’s why I sacrifice, so that she gets an education. I don’t want her to suffer in the future — I want her to live better a better life and be able to take care of the family.”
- Luckiness
mother of sponsored child Joy, ZAMBIA

I had abandoned my own dreams, but now I’m trying my best to make them happen. I want to stand by my child and help him achieve his dreams. I will try to provide him with whatever support he needs to reach his goal, without any compromises or shortcomings.”
- Tanima
mother of sponsored child Prantik, India

I love my mom because she is my light. Whenever there are problems we’re in, it seems to get lighter to solve after I get to share it with her.”
- Sponsored youth Yadha
pictured with her mother, Myra

I love my mom because she kept me in her womb during 9 long months; she is the one who has stood by me all this time. And I love my mom because, since I was a baby, she has taught me all the values that I know.”
- Sponsored youth Geidy
pictured with her mother, Aida, and brother, Dilan

To mothers, I would tell them to love their children unconditionally, above anything. Don’t hold back, because mom’s love is unique. To sponsors, thank you and keep supporting us, because that is valuable, especially now during the pandemic.”
- Anyely,
mother of sponsored child Yordany, Dominican Republic
Thank you for wanting what's best for children in poverty.

Happy Mother's Day

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May 6, 2021

When my 3rd child was 3 months old I saw an add for Children International on TV needing sponsors.
That was February 1989!
I have been a sponsor “mom” for 3 individual boys through these 32 years.
I’ve been blessed by knowing I was helping in part with their families as well as the children!
Thank you for all you do in the name of Jesus!
Teresa George
P.S. I have 6 children of my own also and know the love and dreams parents have for each of their children.

May 6, 2021

Muchas felicidades a todas las mamás del mundo 🎉🎊🎈🌺

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