Guru Krupa Foundation funds CI Learning Resource Center & Tutoring Program in India

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Kansas City, MO (January 23, 2017) The Guru Krupa Foundation (Jericho, N.Y.) is funding Children International’s Learning Resource Center & Tutoring Program in Delhi, India. This initiative will offer comprehensive learning resource centers and high-quality tutoring support to 1,200 impoverished children and teens.

Children International serves thousands of school-aged children in Delhi. Many of these kids struggle with schoolwork, particularly when it comes to literacy and mathematics. Inadequate school infrastructure, lack of quality training for teachers and an absence of parental support can make learning difficult and lead to dropping out of school. Teens entering adulthood without a complete education are destined to work in unstable low-paying jobs, continuing the generational cycle of poverty.

Boy reaches for book

Having access to resources like books is crucial for kids to complete their education. | Download image

Children International’s vision is that every child and youth graduates from its program healthy, educated, empowered and employed so that they can break the cycle of poverty. And now with support from the Guru Krupa Foundation, the organization will be able to offer additional assistance to address the need for further educational support in India.

Children International will operate eight learning centers where kids can access a variety of resources, including textbooks, reading materials and art supplies, and get help with school assignments. They will also be able to take part in structured learning activities to help them study literacy and math. Additional tutoring for those kids most in need will focus on mathematics, reading comprehension, and science, as well as social and financial education.

Besides focusing on these core subjects, children and teens will also have the opportunity to participate in cultural events as well as a summer camp with activities, such as dance and music. These initiatives continue to promote children’s learning and the application of skills they have developed from their time in the program.

Girl works on activity in library

A young girl works on an activity at the Children International library. | Download image

Mukund Padmanabhan from the Guru Krupa Foundation said, “We are excited to be able to fund the learning resource centers and tutoring support in Delhi knowing that they will help children succeed academically and ultimately help them break the cycle of poverty.”

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Children International is a leader in the movement to eradicate poverty. From toddler to young adulthood, we surround kids with a caring team, a safe place and a clear path out of poverty through programs focused on health, education, empowerment and employment. Our supporters are inspired as they see children radically change their lives and create a ripple effect that impacts their families and communities for generations to come.

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