Our letter distribution process is changing

keeping you in touch DURING THE PANDEMIC

As a sponsor, you can expect to receive two letters from your child each year. Sponsors treasure these letters; so, although it requires a complex process, our families and staff make them a priority.

Children love receiving letters from their sponsors as well, and writing to your sponsored child is one of the most meaningful and personal ways to create a lasting relationship. That’s why we’ve made it easy to write a digital letter through your MyCI account.

Normally, here’s how digital letters from sponsors are managed:
  • Digital letters are downloaded and printed, then sent to the children’s field offices in their countries.
  • The team at the agency will then sort, translate and deliver these physical letters to sponsored children. Receiving encouragement from their sponsor means a lot to them!
  • The child (or a family member) writes a hand‑written response to the sponsor’s letter.

NOTE: English translations will be included from children in non‑English‑speaking countries. While we do employ translators in some agencies, in order to reduce costs and use funds more efficiently for programs for our sponsored children, we may use translation software as well as non‑professional translators. Spanish‑language‑preference sponsors who have a Spanish‑speaking child will receive their child’s letter directly, while those with children from non‑Spanish‑speaking countries are translated only in English.

Changes to the letter distribution process during the coronavirus pandemic

The closure of community centers, government shelter-at-home orders and school shutdowns make it difficult to maintain physical contact with sponsored children right now. So we’ve changed our letter distribution process to an entirely digital experience.

Writing your child

Currently, the only letters we can process are ones written through MyCI. When you write a letter through MyCI, your letter will be transferred electronically to your child’s field office. If your child’s family has a phone, a staff member will either digitally forward it to your child’s family or call and read it to them. Note: If the family is unable to communicate digitally, we will try to find a way to deliver it and keep the lines of communication open whenever possible. WRITE A LETTER

Your child’s response

We will transcribe your child’s response to you, which will then be sent digitally to our headquarters in Kansas City. That’s why you won’t see a handwritten response from your child. While we can’t guarantee you will receive a response, our staff will do their very best to coordinate communication with your child’s family. You will receive a notification when a new communication from your child has been posted to your account.

Our teams in the field are working very hard to find creative ways to serve our families and keep you in touch with your child.

These changes ensure families and our staff remain safe and practice physical distancing, but still keep you in touch with your sponsored child. Thanks for writing!

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Contact our Care Team at 800‑888‑3089, email us at children@children.org or talk to us via web chat.

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