Education plays the central role in escaping generational poverty. It’s been estimated that for every year a child stays in school, their future earning potential increases by 10-20 percent. Unfortunately, many families in poverty consider education a luxury and even those who value it can find it difficult to afford.

How We Help Fight Poverty with Education

While each area we serve has unique needs, our agencies encourage and sustain the academic progression of children from early education programs through secondary school and beyond. Youth and children in poverty come to our community centers to receive educational support, such as:

  • Uniforms: clothing, backpacks and shoes
  • Supplies: textbooks, calculators, notebooks, pencils and pens
  • Financial support: school fees and transportation costs
  • Libraries: study areas and reading materials for all ages
  • Study aids: tutoring, educational workshops and special youth programs
  • Computer centers: free Internet access, basic computing courses and tutoring services
  • Scholarships: vocational training, college and university assistance
  • Community literacy: books for classrooms and libraries, mobile libraries and reading tents.
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Our HOPE Fund provides scholarships that allow qualified youth to advance their education in secondary school, vocational training institutes … even college and university. Each year, Children International awards thousands of HOPE scholarships. Giving to the HOPE Fund helps pave the way for impoverished youth to escape poverty through education.

Learn more about the educational assistance we provide: