In impoverished communities, children are exposed to a myriad of dangers every day.

  • In urban slums, they navigate landscapes of broken glass and exposed trash, avoiding low-strung power lines and chaotic traffic and breathing heavily polluted air.
  • In rural environments, children climb treacherous hillsides on narrow, rocky paths and often live in homes that offer little protection from the elements.

Most poor communities also lack basic sanitation services capable of providing potable water. Contaminated water exposes kids to parasites and other serious diseases. Together, these threats make it difficult for poor children to remain healthy and active.

How We Help

At Children International, we never forget this simple truth: Healthy children have a better chance at overcoming poverty and leading happier, more successful lives.

Children International's sponsorship program focuses on children's overall health by providing access to:

  • Routine checkups
  • Curative procedures
  • Medicine
  • Dental care
  • Malnutrition screening and rehabilitation
  • Health and hygiene education
  • Anti-parasite treatment and education
  • An Emergency Medical Fund for children with critical injuries or illness.
Children in need


Each year, CI doctors and dentists provide hundreds of thousands of free medical and dental exams to sponsored children and youth.