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  • Name: Gabriela
  • Age: 8 (7/5/2006)
  • Country: Colombia
  • Lives with: Parents
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Watch a video from Joel Lambert of Discovery Channel's Lone Target. Joel is a former Navy SEAL and a Children International sponsor.

Success Story

Malnutrition rehabilitation helped save Lilibeth, who only weighed 28-pounds at age 6.

A Nutritional Intervention

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From the Field

Healed by a Helping Hand

Healed by a Helping Hand

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Programs in Action

Health, Hope and Home

Health, Hope and Home

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Fight Poverty with a Proven Approach

You want to help children and build resilient, self-sustaining communities. You want to invest in a proven and effective method to make real progress to end child poverty. We’re so glad you came. Let’s get started.

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