There are still good hearts


I feel a lot of joy

“I feel very happy because I see that there are still people who help people. I feel joyful because I know that in this world that we are in, there are still good hearts, sensitive and kind people.

– Rosa, mother of 8, Ecuador

Rosa’s family doesn’t have material wealth. In fact, they often struggle to get by.

Rosa and her husband live with their eight children in a house that has just two rooms and a roof with holes in it. When they can find work, the parents try to save a little for a rainy day.

But employment is hard to find in the area of Ecuador where they live. And sometimes the money runs out. “That’s when the situation gets tougher,” Rosa says.

Without a helping hand when they need it most, even life’s essentials would be out of reach for families like theirs.

“Thankfully we have help from Children International and our children’s sponsors.” – Rosa

“With sponsorship support, we are able to buy food and sustain ourselves a little more and not have so much difficulty,” says Rosa.

Nourishing food when they’re hungry. Access to medicine when they’re sick. Help with staying in school. These are just a few of the ways your gifts help create positive, lasting change in the lives of children and their families. This work is possible because of you!

Rosa’s family may not seem wealthy to some. But they are rich in love and joy. And caring friends like you are among the things they value most.

Would you like to learn more about the challenges faced by families in Ecuador, and how your gifts help? Please watch this short video.

Thank you for being there for children and families in need!


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