Full circle

former sponsored child now works for Children International

As a child, Williams M. lived in poverty in rural Guatemala. Fortunately, with sponsorship support, he was able to complete his education. Williams now works as a Community Health Liaison for our Guatemala agency, where he spends each day ensuring children and youth receive the same helpful support as he did.

What inspires me about this organization is that many children can change their lives. Just as [Children International] changed my life, so can they.”

— Williams M., former sponsored child and current Children International employee

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Nov 7, 2023

Great work!! Thanks for the inspiration you give this children !!

Feb 9, 2024

You are such and inspiration to work as hard as you did and brought yourself through hard times to help others that are in need. That is why I am a sponsor again for a child in Guatemala and until recently one in the Philippines as well as two in latter years. I hope those I sponsored in the past have grown to succeed as well as you have. Much hope for you and your family and for those you touch. Sharon

Feb 10, 2024

Me encanto ese relato el cual Children hace lo posible por llevar esperanza a los mas necesitado al igual al que los apadrina, me llena de orgullo que esa institucion se preocupa por los mas abandonado de este planeta y le permiten hacerse personas de bien para sus comunidades, les deseo los mejores exitos del mundo ayudando a otros seres humano que como el tuvo la oportunidad de hacerse de una profesion, bendicones.

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