A light at the end of a road


“Like any humble family, we have many needs,” says Maria, a mother of eight in the Dominican Republic. But Maria and her family have something else, too. Something priceless. They have caring friends like you standing by them when they need you most.

This is the story of how your gifts make a difference for children and families like theirs.

Portrait of Eimy and Maria

Eimy — in the purple shirt — has big plans for the future.

Maria’s 9-year-old daughter, Eimy, dreams to someday “become a nurse, a dancer, an artist,” she says. And after spending a few minutes with her, it’s easy to believe, as she does, that dreams really can come true — even in the midst of difficult times.

“There isn’t much money and we cannot afford luxuries,” says Eimy. “We can’t buy fruits, they are expensive. Or hamburgers. Ah … and a pair of roller skates. I have always wanted them.”


Your gifts do so much to help Eimy and other children living in poverty. In fact, you make a positive, lasting difference in more ways than you might know.

When resources are stretched thin, families receive vouchers that they can use to help meet basic needs. About one recent distribution, Maria says, “I bought a bag of rice, a gallon of oil and other foodstuffs for the children.”

Helping children and families with nourishing food is just one of the many ways you create positive change. You also help to provide …

A safe place

67 community centers where kids get life-changing benefits, like medical care, tutoring, job placement and more.

A caring team

Thousands of volunteers and more than 1,400 local staff in 10 countries who know our kids and their communities.

A path out of poverty

Programs focused on health, education, employment and empowerment to break the cycle of poverty.

In addition to assistance with basic necessities, Eimy also loves taking courses at her local Children International community center. And the subjects she’s studying — math, ballet and painting — are perfect for helping to foster a love of learning that can permanently change the course of her life.

Education is key to helping children unlock their potential. Your gifts help them as they work to achieve their dreams.

In fact, your support truly is like “a light at the end of a road,” says Maria. “Help appears from the people who sponsor my children. Through them, they help all of us. I am completely grateful.”

Eimy smiling and waving

Thank you for making so many good things possible for families in need!


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