Building a future in Honduras

Jessica and her family are trying to rebuild amidst the ongoing pandemic

Jessica's family of six was barely getting by. Then, her father was diagnosed with leukemia, and their only source of income came from her mother’s small tortilla business. To support her family, Jessica dropped out of school to help around the house as well as care for her sick father and a sister with special needs.

The opportunities sponsorship provides give children like Jessica a reason to hope for a better future.

Make 2X the difference with a year-end gift

As we end another difficult pandemic year, learn how you can help families like Jessica’s with essentials they need such as food, health care and financial assistance. Through Dec. 31, your donation will be matched up to $100,000.



Dec 2, 2021

Ya estoy apadrinado un chiquito de Honduras. Pero me gustaría contribuir con un pequeño aporta para Jessica

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