Happy Valentine’s Day

sending messages of love ❤️ FROM CHILDREN AND STAFF AROUND THE WORLD

At the heart of our work are children and youth who are fighting for a better future. This past year has been very difficult and even more so for those who, in the best of times, face challenges that can feel unsurmountable. But thanks to supporters like you, there is hope for brighter days ahead.

Roses are red,
violets are blue

New Valentine's Day cards
are in MyCI - just for you.



Feb 12, 2021

Our children are loved dearly by us! Dr. Bill and Mrs. Edie Be safe and blessed.

Feb 12, 2021

Thank you beautiful children for the Valentine Video. Your smiles made my day. Happy Valentine's Day to all of our children

Feb 12, 2021

What a beautiful Valentine Video. Warms my heart and brings a big smile to my face! We are so proud to be sponsor! We love all our kids!!

Feb 12, 2021

Very beautiful!

Feb 12, 2021

Such a Beautiful card you all sent ❤️I am Blessed to be a Sponsor and Supporter of such special children ❤️😊❤️

Feb 12, 2021

So nice to see such smiles, it warms my heart. Happy Valentines Day to all!

Feb 12, 2021

I want to wish all of you a very Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks so much for the beautiful video. I love you !

Feb 12, 2021

Happy Valentines to you. I was so blessed by your video. God bless you and keep you safe

Feb 12, 2021

So lovely! Thank you for putting this together!

Feb 12, 2021

Thank you for the sweet valentine video! Everyone looks so happy! Glad I can bless others as they bless me in return!

Feb 13, 2021

Always when i wake up, i see the picture of my sponsorchild and today i woke up with this nice video too. I wish all children happy Valentines day and i hope they all will get a sponsor

Feb 13, 2021

Thank you for the beautiful hand made cards. We feel the love!

Feb 14, 2021

The receiving of the card made our Day. Take care and we love you all.

Feb 14, 2021

This is pretty uplifting. The sincerity of the video has not gone unappreciated, thank you all.

Feb 14, 2021

I wish you all a Happy Valentine, may God continue guiding you all in your studies. And Bless you all with good health and strength.
Love always Madeleine

Feb 14, 2021

Very sweet Valentine greeting! Happy Valentine’s Day to all at at CI, too!

Feb 14, 2021

Thank you for the beautiful and very special video. I am honored to be a sponsor.

Feb 14, 2021

Happy Valentines Day to you Kahkasha Anwar, and God Bless you and your family, (AND STAY HEALTHY). 4383455

Feb 14, 2021

Happy Valentines Day, Nathaly! With unending Hugs and kisses!...and a special prayer for my former child Kenia, and her daughter Baby Kim!

Feb 14, 2021

Thanks so much for the Valentine's Day video. It was so cute! I enjoyed it. Much love back to you!

Feb 14, 2021

Thank you kids! You have blessed me on this Valentine’s Day. I thank God for allowing me to serve you. Its a honor! I send my love to all of you!

Feb 14, 2021

Que mensaje hermoso!!

Ann Shirley
Feb 14, 2021

God Bless you all. Your messages are a blessing to me, thanks.

Feb 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day to each of you, Thanks for the beautiful Message, God Bless All.

Feb 14, 2021

Thank you, I enjoyed your beautiful message. Happy Valentines Day to everyone, especially to John and Dalitso!

Feb 14, 2021

I love it! It is such a privilege to know my kids and to watch them grow. I am so blessed!! Paola and Josephine .. I love you!

Feb 15, 2021

Love this!!

Feb 15, 2021

Thank you!! Happy Valentines Day to all! 😊

Feb 15, 2021

Thank you all you sweet children and families!!!

Feb 26, 2021

Love the video, thank you all!

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