Making her own way

a teen in Kolkata is determined to create a better future

Moumita lives in the slums of Kolkata, India. Her family of four stays in a one-room shelter with plastic sheeting for a roof. Their total income is about $100 a month.

Having been in the program since 2013, she visits her local community center regularly, where she participates in the drama and youth leadership programs. She’s learned some valuable lessons from both.

Drama taught me how to work as a team and share knowledge with others,” she says. “I learned problem-solving from youth leadership training. Whenever there is any disagreement between my friends, I always try to find solutions to resolve it.”

Moumita is on a promising path to becoming a real leader in her community, and building a brighter future free from poverty. And she’s doing it all without the support of a sponsor.

Right now, over 9,000 children like her have entered the sponsorship program, but then have lost their sponsor for any number of reasons — sometimes sponsors just have to cancel their sponsorships.

Moumita needs support now more than ever. Support we’re dedicated to helping her get, no matter what. So she’s still able to receive the benefits and services of sponsorship thanks to a fund we maintain that’s dedicated specifically to supporting children and youth in these circumstances.

Oftentimes, teens are the ones who are waiting for a new sponsor. They’re at a point in their lives where they need the support sponsorship provides the most. They’re especially vulnerable to the traps that so often derail their peers: drugs, alcohol, gangs and quitting school.

We’re constantly inspired by the resilience and perseverance of children and youth like Moumita. When faced with challenges, they continue to forge ahead, determined to build a life free from poverty. That’s something that wouldn’t be possible without the help of people like you.

Want to help?

Support children like Moumita as we work to find them a new sponsor. A gift of $25 can ensure they receive benefits for three more weeks while they wait.


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