Holding on to joy

As an Agency Journalist for Children International, Bicol, my job is to help tell the stories of sponsored children and their families. I often find myself in neighborhoods like Victory Village. During my interactions, children tell me about their difficulties living with very limited means, and also about their aspirations and hope for a better life. Their situations really tug at my heart.

When I asked Viel (pictured above) about his greatest wish, I expected a typical child’s answer – for a new toy or cool gadget to impress his friends. But instead he said he wanted their own concrete house where they can play. For me, it shows a longing for stability in their unstable world.

Still, I continue to be amazed by the resilience of children everywhere, and it’s no different in Victory Village. Despite their challenges, all the children there radiate joy and hope.

It’s not hard to see smiling, laughing kids, flying kites near the ruins of their neighbor’s houses, or having silly fun in temporary shelters. It’s striking how unmindful they are of everything around them. They just want to live. As Viel puts it: “I’m just happy that we’re together and safe.”

It inspires me to see how your support helps the children remain resilient as they face their challenges. Children International creates an empowering environment that helps them hold on to the joy of life and the hope that they can break free from poverty.

So while we cannot change some factors in their lives, there are many that we can. And with help from people like you who care, no effort is too small towards these children’s journey out of poverty.

Leo contributed to a recent story about Viel called “No place to call home”.


Oct 2, 2019

Gracias Bicol, por compartilhar estória como del niño Viel!

Oct 3, 2019

Thank you for sharing, Leo. So proud to be a CI sponsor!

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