Vicky: Living proof

Vicky is living proof of the long-term impact of sponsorship! Plagued by illness as a child, she received care that helped her grow up healthy, educated and empowered. Now she’s on the road to success and inspired to be a role model to others. See her journey and learn how she’s making her dreams come true.

Vicky’s story can be every child’s story. With the support of a sponsor, it is possible to break the cycle of poverty … for good.

Thank you for caring! What do you hope your child’s future will look like? Let us know in the comments!


Sep 12, 2017

I hope Keyner(Colombia) grow to be someone who make the difference for his family, community and country!
It has been some years since I am sponsoring him, and I hope I can continue doing it.
Make me proud Keyner!!

Sep 12, 2017

Sept. 12, 2017
I learned from Leyoniel's ( Domenican Republic) letters that I have made a big difference in his life and that he will grow to make a difference in his family and his communitiy life. I am proud to be Leyoniel's sponsor.


Sep 13, 2017

It is wonderful to read about Vicky's positive experience as a sponsored child with CI. I believe my two sponsored children can have a positive successful future too. Harvin is doing well and just turned 14! Yomary is just 9 and is doing better already!

Sep 26, 2017

This is such a wonderful story! I hope my sponsored children also have the opportunity to obtain a higher degree of education. I am afraid there may not be education possibilities beyond the sixth grade for one of my girls that lives in the mountains of Guatemala.

Francisco Israel_6c3d8
Oct 21, 2017

Apenas ayer inicié con mi apadrinamiento, y deseo con todo mi corazón que Jazmín salga adelante y sea una mujer exitosa. Este video de Vicky me motiva y me da confianza en CI. Bien hecho Vicky, ¡Great Job CI!

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