What would you do with just two wishes?

Here at Children International, we help kids realize their dreams. So, we wondered what they’d ask for if they could have anything in the world. We asked these sponsored kids and got some inspired responses.

Q: You meet a magician and he grants two wishes: one for humanity and one for you. What do you ask for?

Anvelymar put on her best clothes for her selfie.

“For humanity, I would ask that children don’t fight with each other at school. And, for me, I would ask for toys.”
Anvelymar (6), Cartagena, Colombia

Rein stands in front of a doorway for his selfie.

“I would wish that I be able to finish my studies. I would also ask the magician to make everyone generous so that each one would willingly give food to those who have none. That way, there would be no more hunger.”
Rein (10), Bicol, Philippines

Gavin uses both hands for his selfie.

“My wish for humanity is for it to understand more the essence of sharing and giving. When everyone is willing to lend a helping hand, we will all live in prosperity. For me, I wish to be an immortal being, because I want to witness the lives of future generations.”
Gavin (19), Bicol, Philippines

Karen gives a winning smile for her selfie.

“I would ask for a giant garden, where all the kids in my neighborhood could go play. For me, I would not ask for anything. I would go to the giant garden with them.”
Karen (11), Guatemala

Marlon takes a selfie in front of a colorful mural.

“I’d like to have a gifted mind. I’d also like to help young people who are involved in drugs or things like that. I would like to help them rehabilitate so they can leave this vice and to help them fit into society.”
Marlon (18), San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Seen from above, Justhyn’s big grin is a beauty!

“For me, I want my family to always be together and also to go to the moon. For the world, I want peace.”
Justhyn (10), Guayaquil, Ecuador

Jame’cia in a burgundy-colored hoodie flashes a smile.

“My wish for myself would be that I can be confident and believe in myself as much as everybody else does! My wish for humanity would be that everybody can see how they affect everybody else.”
Jame’cia (17), Little Rock, Arkansas

Arianne flashes a sweet sign to match her sweet smile.

“I would wish for a bicycle for myself so I can visit my cousins and I can go places. For humanity, my wish is food for everyone. I wish there would be no more hunger in the world.”
Arianne (8), Quezon City, Philippines

Jaime in a yellow T-shirt takes a selfie.

“For humanity, I would ask for world peace and no more war between countries. For myself, I would ask for a better living. I would like to have a beautiful life. This way all the humans will be living in harmony, and all will be happy.”
Jaime (14), Quito, Ecuador

Anjali takes a selfie with her fist in the air.

“My wish for myself would be a bigger house for all of us to stay — seven of us stay in a small house now. My wish for humanity would be to give people clothes […] especially during the cold winter months.”
Anjali (13), Kolkata, India

Lucy takes a selfie while wearing an aqua blue dress.

“I would ask (for) a lot of wisdom for everyone and that everyone exercise it. If people are smart and know how to handle things, we will avoid violence; we will prevent hunger; we will prevent many people walking the streets without education. If we have smart thinking, we will know how to handle this with better opportunities.”
Lucy (18), San Pedro Sula, Honduras

What would you do with just two wishes? Tell us in the comments below.


xochitl rico
Feb 7, 2018

Yo le pediría al mago que ya no hubiese más bullin en las escuelas así se evitarían los suicidos entre los niños .

Feb 8, 2018

If I could have 2 wishes, I would wish for all people of the world to see that we all want the same things: food for our families, a place to sleep, freedom of religion, safety, clean water, education, jobs that use our minds and energy in good ways....if all saw this, there wouldn't be wars, but cooperation; for myself, I would like to have more energy and money to do good things for the world

Feb 8, 2018

Freedom from want for all. For me ---contentment.

Feb 8, 2018

I wish there'll be Peace among all nations

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