The 4 pillars of our vision

the ONE thing: Breaking the cycle of poverty. PERIOD.

The four pillars of our vision

Every child graduates from our program HEALTHY, EDUCATED, EMPLOYED and EMPOWERED to break the cycle of poverty!

Girl in Guatemala

For every ONE CHILD who breaks the cycle of poverty, your impact is MULTIPLIED for generations to come!

What really works? You gotta start with kids!

See how we'll be helping them and how we'll measure our success:


  • Kids' knowledge about health issues
  • Their use of available health services
  • Their demonstration of healthy behaviors.


Getting kids to develop healthy habits like brushing their teeth is hard! (Remember trying to fake out your mom by wetting your toothbrush?! Yeah, we thought so!) That's why teaching kids healthy behaviors is vital so they stay well. But that's not all. We're also giving them access to and emphasizing the use of health services — through our clinics or local resources — especially for medical issues like malnutrition, tuberculosis, common childhood illnesses and reproductive health.

Learn more about this pillar here!


  • Increased school enrollment
  • Better scores, especially in math and reading
  • More kids completing secondary school.


Recess may be all kids' favorite subject, and that's okay! Going to school — and not dropping out — is what's really important. Sometimes that means explaining school's importance to parents, as well as the kids. Or it could mean paying for fees, uniforms or school supplies, or giving them tutoring or other educational resources like scholarships. We'll work smarter to provide the support kids need to reach the target of secondary school graduation.

Find out more about the education pillar here!


  • Youths' attendance at career-skills workshops that help them find jobs
  • Partnerships with local businesses to train and fill needed positions.


CI teens don't spend hours in mock interviews so they can improve their acting skills. They're focused on building confidence and impressing employers with workplace skills that enable them to end the cycle of poverty. That means understanding how to write a résumé, as well as developing relevant soft and technical skills. The end result is kids with the knowledge needed to enter the workforce and reach for their career dreams.

Learn more about this pillar here!


  • Strengthened life skills so youth can be agents of change
  • Increased social responsibility to promote teamwork, diversity and leadership.


The term "couch potato" probably wouldn't translate for most CI kids. They'd have to look it up — assuming they have time between spearheading neighborhood cleanup initiatives, developing community literacy programs, creating microenterprises and helping change views on gender equality. And while those activities are fun, they also help kids develop invaluable teamwork skills, like effective communication and conflict resolution, that teach them social responsibility. The results are kids whose efforts are rippling out to impact others around them.

See how we're empowering our kids!

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