Supplies and demand

Witness the excitement as these kids receive school supplies at their local community center. 

Remember how it felt to get your new school supplies each year? The bright rows of markers and pencils, the crackle of paper as you flipped through your cool new notebooks?

It’s an experience kids like these might not have without their sponsors’ help! 

Seriously. Who wouldn’t be excited to get a notebook with a picture of a puppy wearing sunglasses?

The educational support we provide is tailored to the specific needs of the kids in each area where we work.

And CI community centers are the glue that holds it all together! Tutoring sessions, computer courses and libraries make us “education central” for kids’ schooling needs.

Did you know that primary school enrollment rates for CI-sponsored kids are higher than the national average* in nearly every country where we work?

*Based on 2015 statistics

A woman’s earning potential will be up to 20% higher for every year of schooling she completes. And an educated mom has a 50% better chance of having a child survive past age 5.

That’s why we make sure girls are equally involved in educational opportunities.

It’s also estimated that every dollar invested in education translates to $10 in economic growth for that child’s country.

These teens represent the future! We’re expecting big things from them, thanks to their sponsors’ support.

Reporting and photo assistance by Patricia Calderón, CI Field Reporter, Colombia.


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