Delight your sponsored kid with a supportive letter

Earlier this spring, staff at CI headquarters met an incredible young woman — a former sponsored child from Honduras. I, along with another writer, had the great pleasure of interviewing her.

Although Johanny Amaya (26) was in the sponsorship program for only five years, she is so grateful for what she received through CI. (Check out our story about her here!)

But one thing she said about her sponsorship experience gave me pause:

“I remember my friends receiving letters from their sponsors,” she told us. “They were really happy about receiving them. They would take the letters to school and share with classmates and the teachers. I wrote to my sponsor many times. I was sad sometimes that I did not receive that reply. I felt that, honestly, the sponsor did not remember me.

“I think it is very important for sponsors to write. Not necessarily [long] letters, but telling kids, ‘I am here for you.’ Just that, I think, will be enough for them. It would have been enough for me.”

Excuse me for a moment while I write a letter to my kid!

Letters in the digital world

The good news is that we’ve made it easier than ever for you to send a note to your sponsored kid:

  1. Sign in to your MyCI account at

  2. Click the “Send a card or letter” link in the Message Center box.

  3. Choose between a letter or card template.

  4. Write your note. (Or let our prewritten cards do the talking for you!)

  5. Preview your message.

  6. Click “Send message.”

We’ve scanned nearly 640,000 letters since launching the feature last June!

Boom. It takes just a few minutes to type out a letter online (even from your phone!) — but you’ll make a lasting impact on a child living a thousand miles away.

My very favorite thing about the online writing experience is that CI now scans all new letters from your kid!

So, for instance, if I get inspired to send words of encouragement to Xander while at work — I mean, home! — it takes just a second to log in to my account for a refresher on what he last wrote to me.

Volunteer Pilar Ayala reads a letter to a girl in Guayaquil

Your words of encouragement can have a powerful impact on your sponsored child.

Or, if I want to share the awesome letters he’s written with my family and friends? All I have to do is pull them up on my phone.

Are you loving this feature as much as I am?! If you haven’t logged in to your account lately, maybe now’s the time to get reacquainted with all the cool features.

Wondering what to write? Tell your child that he is special. That he is always in your thoughts. That he makes you proud. That you wish the very best for him. (Pssst … Get more topic ideas here!)

Because, as Johanny told us: A little recognition and encouragement goes a long way.


Jul 1, 2016

Querido Diego, Soy la esposa de Mr. Klein, su sponsor. Recibimos con mucho gozo su targeta y dibujo muy lindo. Gracias por escrubirnos. Tenemos una familia grande con 6 hijos y 17 nietos. Creo que tu tienes 10 anos, verdad? Tengo una nieta que cumple 10 anos hoy. Esperamos que estes muy feliz. Saludos a tu madre y amigos tambien. Mi esposo y yo vivimos en Arizona en Los Estados Unidos. Hace mucho calor en Arizona en Junio, Julio, y Agosto. Esperamos que pase un buen tiempo jugando con sus amigos y ayudando a su mama. Te mandamos un abrazo bien grande y esperamos que siempre ore a Dios cada dia y lea las escrituras para acercarse con El Senor. Portese bien cada dia y obedezca a tu mama. Con amor, Hermana y Hermano Klein

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