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See how sponsorship works

How sponsorship works

Your $39 monthly contribution ensures access to life‑changing interventions, such as:
  • Medical & dental care
  • Educational aid & support
  • Local professionals delivering critical, effective programs to children & their families
  • Age-appropriate life skills courses
  • Job training, scholarships, career counseling and even job placement prior to graduation.

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 Note: “Most at Risk” flag are children facing the least stable living circumstances and fewest resources. 

More than sponsors, they are our protectors and companions; although far away, their help changes the lives of every one of us, daily.”

a young man standing next to a tree
Graduate Youth

quotation marks outlined in purple
I am a student who hasn’t yet finished her [college] degree, but I am employed and leading a large-scale, international project. I am very grateful to sponsors and to those who have worked or still work for CI. I see all the good they do …”

a woman with a smile on her face
Graduate Youth

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Children International put me on the right track because they taught me what it means to be an agent of change: to be a social actor within communities that are often marginalized.”

a young man wearing glasses sitting on a couch
Graduate Youth
Quito, Ecuador

FAQs about Sponsorship

Sponsorship through Children International

Child sponsorship with Children International begins by connecting two people: a caring sponsor and a child struggling in poverty. From early childhood to young adulthood, our child development program equips young people with crucial life skills and important job skills so they can break the cycle of generational poverty.

Your sponsorship gives your child a broad range of tools and opportunities to escape the hardships of generational poverty.

a woman reading a book to a group of children

Through sponsorship, children gain access to our community centers, where they:

  • Find respite from dangers like gang violence and drugs.
  • Can focus on learning, playing and simply being a child.
  • Meet caring, local staff who provide life‑changing programs and mentorship.

Impoverished children who become sponsored benefit from:

  • Access to medical and dental care
  • Tutoring assistance
  • Libraries and computer labs
  • Life- and job-skills training
  • The confidence and security of knowing someone cares for their well‑being.

a woman is listening to a girl's heartbeat with a stethoscope

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a woman reading a book to a young girl

“Through Children International and the personal connection you get through letters and pictures, it makes it more than just giving money…it's real.”

- Lina D., CI sponsor since 2014

Children & families trust us. So can you.

We use your gift responsibly and efficiently. 82% of our total operating expenses support programs for children and youth. 

Operating since 1936, Children International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.


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