Fredi Enrique

It takes ONE person (like you!) to make a huge difference in Fredi Enrique's life. By sponsoring him, you're creating Team Fredi Enrique and giving him a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Your $36 monthly gift is invested in his future and the lives of children like him in Honduras. 

And supporting a teen is important because they’re at higher risk for exposure to gangs, pregnancy, drugs and more. Your encouragement will give hope and confidence during a crucial time in their lives.

16 years old 9/25/2002 Waiting 103 days Honduras
About me & my family

Name: Fredi Enrique
Waiting for sponsorship: 103 days
Family income: $313.00

Gender: Male
Age: 16
Enjoys: Playing soccer, Listening to music
Talents: Singing, Painting
Maria Lucrecia, 21, Female
Josue Ariel, 19, Male
Mayra Alejandra, 18, Female
Soila Melissa, 10, Female

Lives with: Parents
Language: Spanish
School: No
Child ID #: 3208

Poverty in Honduras

Kids growing up in poverty in Honduras face many tough challenges, including poor hygiene and sanitation problems which lead to widespread parasite infections, dangerous gang violence that starts far too young, and big gender gaps in wages, putting girls even further behind.

That's why we focus on providing crucial health programs along with effective anti-parasite treatments, enriched youth programs to help kids learn better alternatives to street gangs, and empowerment programs to equip both boys and girls with skills in demand.

See how our program works and why we focus on health, education, empowerment and employment. 

Learn more about our work in Honduras.

How does child sponsorship work?

Your $36 monthly gift gives Fredi Enrique access to life-changing benefits, like:

  • medical care
  • educational support
  • life skills
  • job-training before graduation.
More about child sponsorship:

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How your support helps kids in poverty

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