Angel Rauel

It takes one person to create lasting change in Angel Rauel's life. Your $39 monthly gift will give him access to life-changing education programs, crucial health and dental services, life skills, and more. At Children International, we believe empowering children can break the cycle of poverty for their families, their community and the next generation. Let's start with Angel Rauel. Sponsor him today.

6 years old 12/13/2017 Waiting 122 days Dominican Republic
Poverty in the Dominican Republic

Children growing up in poverty in the Dominican Republic face grim realities such as poor living conditions, woefully inadequate education and health care, and a high teen-pregnancy rate.

That's why we focus on providing medical and dental care, educational assistance, lifeskills and leadership programs and scholarships to help teens achieve their dreams.

See how our program works and why we focus on health, education, empowerment and employment. 

Learn more about our work in the Dominican Republic.

How will you use my $39 monthly gift?

At Children International, 82% of our total operating expenses support programs for children and youth in the countries we serve. So, when you make a monthly gift or donation to our organization, the majority of your dollars go toward exactly what you intended – supporting children in poverty.

Sponsorship through Children International

Community Centers

Living in poverty for children can mean days of going hungry, poor educational resources and exposure to violence, gangs, and drugs. Negative early experiences impair brain development in children and impact decision-making, pushing them further behind in school and affecting future opportunities and overall health. Children International looks to break that cycle at the source with community centers offering life‑changing programs, services, and support. (Our U.S. children are served through the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.)

Dedicated Staff

Many children growing up in poverty have parents who are not in the picture or who work long hours to make ends meet, leaving empty homes and a lack of adult supervision. That’s why we support a team of dedicated staff, teachers, doctors, and thousands of volunteers in our communities to serve as mentors, tutors and advocates for our children.

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Health & Well-being

Children worrying about their next meal, safe drinking water or physical pain cannot envision a better future for themselves or their families. Fulfilling a child’s health and wellness needs is the foundation for growth. Sponsorship support ensures that children have access to medical and dental care, nutrition education and rehabilitation, psychological assistance, and more, giving children the opportunity to reach their full potential.


For many reasons, children in our communities aren’t given the opportunity to concentrate on school. They drop out to find work and help contribute to their families. Loss of hope and opportunities leads to gang affiliation and violence. Or, a simple lack of resources may have them falling behind. Our community centers and staff provide tutoring programs focused on education, graduation, and life skills to create lasting change in the lives of our children.

Empowerment & Change

This all adds up to transformational change… Our programs foster social responsibility within our children and empower them with leadership, life skills, and employment training to make an impact in their communities and break the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

How child sponsorship works

What does my child receive?
  • Access to life-changing benefits through our innovative community centers, such as medical and dental care, empowerment initiatives and education programs focused on giving children the support and tools they need to be healthy, stay in school, graduate and create a lasting change in their community. (Our U.S. children are served through the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.)

  • Support from our dedicated staff and volunteers who are embedded in the community and committed to helping your child succeed. 

  • A personal connection with someone who cares (you!) and the invaluable knowledge that they are special and loved.

  • A chance for a better life free from poverty.

What can I expect as a sponsor?
  • A quick-start guide to child sponsorship along with more info about your child including a photo.

  • Photos and updates about your child on a regular basis.

  • Letters from your child, often with words of thanks from them and their parents or other family members.  

  • Access to MyCI, your online account, where you can view photos and learn more about your child, read and write letters, manage your giving, and connect with other sponsors. 

  • See your impact in action through updates and monthly emails. And the option to visit your child and tour our life-changing community centers.

  • A unique and rewarding opportunity to make a difference. 

Understanding Global Poverty

What is the cycle of poverty?

At Children International, we believe children in poverty become adults in poverty. And adults in poverty can't help build a better life for the next generation if they're struggling to provide for themselves. Through our life-changing community centers, education and health programs, life skills and empowerment workshops, children are given the opportunity to envision a future they've never seen before and break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their communities.

What is the poverty line and how is it calculated?

The poverty line, also called the poverty threshold, is the minimum level of income deemed adequate in a particular country. The poverty line is different from country to country, typically being higher in developed countries and lower in less developed countries. In 2015, the World Bank found that 10% of the global population lived below the poverty line, which they defined as $1.90 per day as an absolute minimum. The actual calculation for each country comes from finding the total cost of all essential resources that an average human adult consumes in one year.

How is poverty measured?

Gathering data and statistics on poverty is up to each individual government. Information on poverty can be sporadic because of inconsistencies in reporting and the unreliable nature of following up with families living in less developed communities. Organizations like the World Bank implement surveys, research and reports on the state of International poverty every few years and their work is trusted as a reliable source.

Make changes to your monthly gift anytime.

Your donation is a gift, not an obligation or unwanted commitment. If, at any time, you'd like to cancel or make a change, simply contact our team. Children International will continue to support your sponsored child until graduation and work to find them another sponsor.

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