Junior has been sponsored by an amazing world-changer! His sponsor has created Team Junior and given him a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty, starting a ripple effect for generations. With that support, the future looks bright for Junior!


15 years old 8/31/2008 United States
Poverty in the United States

Children growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas, face challenges we may not think about in other parts of the country. Children with nowhere to go after school are at risk of falling into bad behaviors and dropping out, health care gaps mean easily preventable illnesses push kids further behind, and the struggles of getting post high-school education can drain hope out of even the most optimistic.

That is why we focus on providing programs and camps to give kids a safe place to learn and have fun. We provide access to the health services they need and specially designed youth programs to help equip them with the skills they need to achieve their dreams.

See how our program works and why we focus on health, education, empowerment and employment. 

Learn more about our work in the United States.

How does child sponsorship work?

Your $39 monthly gift gives kids like Junior access to life-changing benefits, like:

  • medical care
  • educational support
  • life skills
  • job-training before graduation.


More about child sponsorship:

How your support helps teens in Little Rock, Arkansas

A quick look at programs currently available for sponsored teens age 12 and over in Little Rock.


Little Rock teens enrolled in school receive school supplies.


Youth can participate in asset-building workshops to develop strong life skills.



Seniors receive college application assistance, including test prep and how to navigate the financial aid process. We also provide eight seniors with $1,000 scholarships to continue their studies.


where your donation goes

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