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6 years old 4/13/2012 United States
About me & my family

Name: Aniyah
Waiting for sponsorship: 557 days
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Enjoys: Playing with friends, Reading, Drawing
Talents: Painting, Dancing, Skating
Siblings: 0
Lives with: Mother
Favorite subjects: Art, Mathematics, Music
Future goals: Improve school work, Finish high school
Home chores: General housework
Language: English
Child ID #: 1309799

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Kids growing up in poverty in the U.S. face familiar challenges. Children with nowhere to go after school are at risk of falling into bad behaviors and dropping out, health care gaps mean easily prevented illnesses push kids further behind, and the struggles of getting post high-school education can drain hope out of even the most optimistic.

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Your $36 monthly gift gives Aniyah access to life-changing benefits, like:

  • medical care
  • educational support
  • life skills
  • job-training before graduation.
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