It takes ONE person (like you!) to make a huge difference in Susan's life. By sponsoring her, you're creating Team Susan and giving her a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Your $36 monthly gift is invested in her future and the lives of children like her in Zambia. 

10 years old 2/18/2010 Waiting 41 days Zambia
About me & my family

Name: Susan
Waiting for sponsorship: 41 days
Family income: $75.00

Gender: Female
Age: 10
Enjoys: Playing with friends, Playing with dolls
Talents: Singing
Mathew, 23, Male
Patson, 20, Male
Mulenga, 15, Male

Lives with: Mother
Language: Nyanja
School: Yes
Child ID #: 1294941

Poverty in Zambia

Kids growing up in poverty in Zambia face many serious challenges, including a lack of access to even simple health care services, difficulty getting a basic education, persistent malnutrition problems and youth unemployment rates.

That's why we focus on providing access to critical medical and dental care, early childhood development programs, nutrition education and feeding programs, and youth training to teach skills needed to ensure they can find a job and break the cycle of poverty.

See how our program works and why we focus on health, education, empowerment and employment. 

Learn more about our work in Zambia.

How does child sponsorship work?

Your $36 monthly gift gives Susan access to life-changing benefits, like:

  • medical care
  • educational support
  • life skills
  • job-training before graduation.
More about child sponsorship:

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How your support helps kids in poverty

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