Major gifts

When it comes to making a BIG impact in the lives of kids through the work of Children International, you’ve got options. Every gift opportunity is designed to do the most good for the kids in our programs while giving you tax advantages – not to mention making you a champion of kids around the world.

Here are the most common major gift options, from the simple to the relatively complex. Your tax advisor can help you find the best option, and our team is ready to help as well!

  • Cash: The most popular charitable gift! Make a gift today.

    Real estate: Gifts of property are a popular alternative to cash

    Gift of life insurance: You can transfer a life insurance policy to CI, or name us as a beneficiary, ensuring a significant future gift

    Retirement accounts: You can designate CI as a beneficiary on your retirement accounts

    Pledges: A long-term pledge goes beyond a single donation, setting out a plan for future giving

    Endowment: Income from assets held by a nonprofit can be used to support programs and projects for many years into the future

    Will bequest: Property that you don't want to offer until after your death can be transferred to CI through a will, providing gifting opportunities that aren't practical during your lifetime

    Gift annuity: An annuity provides a guaranteed income stream to the donor during his or her life and what's left goes to support Children International

    Deferred gift annuity: Same deal as the gift annuity, but payments kick off on a future date

  • Appreciated stock: Gifts of appreciated stock held for more than a year offer tax benefits, turning your gains into poverty-fighting dollars

    Bonds and mutual funds: Different investment instruments, but benefits similar to appreciated stock

    Donor advised funds: Donors with DAFs have a managed giving vehicle that they direct. Our DAF Direct tool makes giving from your advised fund with a top institution super simple, or you can contact your managing firm or foundation to recommend a donation to CI.

    CDs, savings accounts, brokerage accounts, checking accounts with P.O.D. provisions: Accounts set up with pay-on-death provisions, transferring balances to CI when you die

    Charitable remainder trusts: Gain flexibility by naming your beneficiary and naming CI as your remainder beneficiary, leaving the rest of the assets in the trust to support our programs

    Charitable lead trust: Like a charitable remainder trust but in reverse (with different tax implications), paying income on assets to CI for a defined term, with the remainder going to named beneficiaries

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