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As a Youth Ambassador for Children International, Angel More has used her talent as a long distance swimmer to raise over $55,000 for children in need. Now, she has an ambitious new goal through her Angel’s HOPE campaign: to help 5,000 teens around the world by raising $1 million to fund HOPE scholarships for them. Watch the video to learn more about this teen who is committed to helping other teens around the world build better futures!

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July 27, 2019 | Estero Bay (California)
Angel swam 11 of 14 miles but did not complete due to unpredicted weather conditions.

August 17, 2019 | 20 Bridges swim (Manhattan Island)
This 28 mile swim is one of the World Triple Crown events of marathon swimming.

Angel’s mission of HOPE

Youth can change the world, and Angel is determined to prove it. The athlete has been setting records for hiking and swimming and has raised more than $55,000 for Children International along the way. As she begins her senior year of high school, she has set a new goal through her Angel’s Hope campaign: she wants to raise $1 million over the next two years to help 5,000 teens in poverty further their educations through HOPE scholarships for high school, college or technical school.

At age 10, Angel became the youngest girl to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. In 2018, she became the youngest person to complete the California Triple Crown of marathon swimming, a series of three open-water solo marathon swims.

She swam the Santa Barbara Channel, a 12-mile swim between Anacapa and the California mainland. Then she swam the Catalina Channel, a 20-mile swim between Santa Catalina Island and Rancho Palos Verdes that took her 14.5 hours. Finally, in August 2018, she swam the length of Lake Tahoe, a 21.3-mile swim that took her 15 hours to complete.

She also organized an “Escape from Alcatraz to Escape from Poverty” swim from Alcatraz to the San Francisco shore, and has more fundraising swims planned in support of her new goal to fund HOPE scholarships. “Swimming has been my passion,” she said. “I’m so blessed to be able to use swimming to make good in the world.”

Other ways to support Angel

You can also support Angel by visiting her page and following her blog for updates on her adventures.

Fundraise for Angel    Angel's blog

Angel More and family visiting sponsored children

“My family is currently sponsoring nine kids — ranging in age from 8 to 16 — from Guatemala, India, Honduras, and Zambia through Children International. My parents are from India, and I’m the same age as one of the girls, named Supriya, we sponsor there. It struck me that we are so much more alike than different. The difference between us is circumstances. I was born into a life of opportunity, and she was born into a life of poverty. I give back because these kids deserve a fighting chance.”

I hope to inspire other kids my age by showing them that they can go after their dreams and make a difference in the world.” - Angel More
Angel's HOPE

You can support Angel in her quest to provide scholarships to teens in poverty.

Give Hope scholarships

Angel on KC Live

Angel joined the KC Live team to discuss her achievements and what it’s like to be a Youth Ambassador for Children International.

Watch the video

Angel’s Blog

My name is Angel More and I am 16 years old. I'm climbing mountains, biking, swimming open water, and doing triathlons to raise awareness for Children International.

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