Keeping children on track for better futures

children receive the help they need to COMPLETE THEIR EDUCATIONS

See how Children International’s tutoring program gave Jhon Yoben the confidence to overcome bullying at school.

In the fight against poverty, education is one of the most powerful tools we have.

For children in the communities we serve, challenges like unsafe living conditions, illness and lack of parental support can derail a student’s education.

Graduating from secondary school opens up all kinds of doors for young people.

  • Almost 24,000 students boosted their math and reading skills through tutoring this year.
  • We have programs for primary-, middle-, and secondary-school students.
  • Some agencies have programs for parents.
Children International’s tutoring program keeps children and youth on track for graduation and sets them up for a better future.
Covering the cost of one child’s enrollment in our tutoring program ensures more kids get the help they need.


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