Empowerment programs
develop powerful leaders

youth helping their communities through CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, EDUCATION & LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS

For sponsored children, “empowerment” is a vital tool for escaping poverty.

It means confidence in the future. It means harnessing their strength and power to transform themselves and overcome the challenges they face. But empowerment isn’t something we can simply give away.

Instead, it’s a journey… one our programs encourage teens to make.

Potential + power = change

Give now

Empowerment is helping others to help themselves. Your donation provides the tools and programs that empower youth to build up their own local community through civic engagement activities, such as vocational training, school repairs and substance abuse workshops, while learning valuable skills that will impact their future employability.


(These are only a few examples of our youth service projects from last year.)

Belinda, Zambia

Mobile Audience



Tanmoy, India

Mobile Audience



Betsy, Ecuador

Their journey toward hope and empowerment
starts with one person: YOU


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