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A lack of employment opportunities — the final hurdle on the path out of poverty

Every young person deserves the chance for a better future and to share their gifts with the world. Even before the pandemic, youth unemployment was a global issue. The economic devastation brought by COVID-19 will make job searches even more difficult: 114 million jobs were lost to the pandemic in 2020*. Women, young workers and those in developing and emerging economies were the hardest hit.

Our solution? Higher education or training at a technical school, technology to support them in their studies, and job and life skills tailored to fit opportunities in their communities.

*International Labour Organization, “ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work”


Please contact our Global Philanthropy team at 800-888-3089 or to learn more about these urgent needs.


When it comes to making an impact on the life of a child, learn about all the options you have for multiplying good in a child's life.

We’re here to help you learn how to turn your giving options into a powerful multiplier of good in the life of a child.


Connecting talent with opportunity

Lester González, 31, is a successful owner of a coffee shop and roastery in Honduras and a Children International graduate. He maintains ties to Children International by partnering with us to provide job training and employment to participants in our Into Employment program.

Children International’s Into Employment® program was created to support those who have graduated from the sponsorship program and are struggling to take that next step into the working world. We partner with the corporate sector to identify jobs that match local demand and provide specialized training and life-skills development, then support the participants in their job searches. The idea is that gainful employment, often in entry-level jobs, provides the stepping stone for young adults to continue on their education or career paths. 

Lester’s is the ultimate success story: A child in poverty is supported from a young age through Children International’s health, education and empowerment programs. Not only does he obtain formal employment, but he also invests in other young adults who see him as a role model for rising out of poverty. “I believe in Children International youth,” he says. “Everyone should have the same opportunities to progress.”

Children International helped me to realize my potential and become the leader I am today.”

- Lester, Into Employment partner

Support 2 Into Employment participants with an investment of


Support 5 Into Employment participants with an investment of


Support 10 Into Employment participants with an investment of


Supporting youth’s dreams of obtaining a degree

Before receiving a HOPE scholarship, Leonela, 20, was worried for her future. Due to the economic stresses her family in Colombia faces — relying on laborer wages that fluctuate greatly from day to day — Leonela wasn’t sure she would ever be able to attend college.

She feared the only solution was marriage, as many girls, including her older sisters, have done. “But I do not imagine myself in that way,” Leonela says. “I imagine myself studying and helping my family.”

Children International HOPE scholarships pay for higher education that families like Leonela’s can’t afford. They enable motivated students to earn a degree or certificate that can lead to a stable job. In many communities where we work, a job can triple the household’s income. With her HOPE scholarship, Leonela is now studying to become a nursing assistant.

My biggest dream is combining my two passions: helping people through health services and communications. I know I can help by giving a voice to the people in my neighborhood so that their life stories can be known.”

- Leonela, HOPE scholar

Provide 2 scholarships for students with an investment of


Provide 5 scholarships for students with an investment of


Provide 10 scholarships for students with an investment of


Empowering youth with technology for learning

The United States may have returned to a more “normal” school year already, but in most places where Children International works, school remains virtual — creating a desperate need for technology and connectivity tools among students.

Remote classes are a new hurdle because in many communities, internet connections are unreliable and mobile devices are hard to come by. In the 14 countries that struggled the most with school closures because of the pandemic, 168 million students missed an entire year of classroom instruction*. Almost 24 million students are at risk of dropping out of school**.

After entering college, classes were held online and I would attend using my mobile phone. But it was problematic as I would have a splitting headache after using it for a long time.”

- Debjani, HOPE scholar

Debjani admits there were days she felt like giving up. When she received a tablet, accessories and help with connectivity, Debjani could continue her studies. “I am very happy because I am able to attend online classes and complete projects,” she says. “This tablet has become my friend!”

*UNICEF, “COVID-19 and School Closures”
**The U.N., “Policy Brief: Education during COVID-19 and beyond”

Provide technology support to 3 youth with an investment of


Provide technology support to 7 youth with an investment of


Provide technology support to 15 youth with an investment of


Visit or call 816-943-3834 for information on more ways to give.

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