Education matters

CI's education programs give sponsored children hope

What’s one of the most important things kids need to walk away from poverty?

The answer is pretty simple:

to graduate from secondary school.

The more we can do to help our kids achieve that goal, the better chance they have for success in the future.

We’re developing targeted programs to make that happen:

  • More reading, math and science tutors
  • More early education classes for preschoolers
  • More computer classes that expose teens to technology
  • More financial assistance to help pay for school.

These high-impact programs are crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty. But it’s expensive to make them available to all our kids. It’s a challenging goal, but with your support, we know we can do it!

“A child without education is like a bird without wings.”


Read more about our education programs and how they can make the difference between dropping out of school and graduating. (Read the first one and you’ll get so excited about what’s possible for our kids!)

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