Thank you, Duchess Meghan & Prince Harry:
Archie's HOPE for African youth

creating educational opportunities for YOUTH IN POVERTY

In August, Duchess Meghan & Prince Harry recognized Children International as one of 15 “Forces for Change” around the world.
In gratitude for this honor, the organization has created an education endowment, named after the Royal baby, Archie.

Archie's HOPE Scholarships

Archie's Helping Overcome Poverty through Education (HOPE) scholarships provide 10 deserving students in Zambia the opportunity to pursue higher education. Zambia, located in Sub Saharan Africa, is among the poorest nations on earth, with 60% of the population living in poverty.

Children International's HOPE Scholarship program provides disadvantaged youth around the world with financial assitance so they can attend and complete vocational school or earn college degrees. Without this kind of intervention, eager students who have the skills and drive to pursue education and vocational training very rarely receive the opportunity to do so.

Although poverty rates are high in all the developing nations where we work, the communities we serve tend to have much higher rates than their national averages. For adolescents and young adults enrolled in our sponsorship program, HOPE scholarships provide the final boost they need toward formal employment and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Meet this years' Archie's HOPE Scholars

Honored. Inspired. Hopeful. Determined. These are just some of the words these scholars used to express their appreciation for the support they received. Now, they know they can continue pusruing their goals: From nursing to public relations, their futures remain bright, thanks to HOPE.

At the time I was notified about this scholarship, my heartbeat slowed down, became louder than the ambient sounds, and then picked up speed faster than normal. I receive this assistance in so much gratefulness!”


Physical Therapy student


Journalism & Public Relations student


Psychology student


Business Administration and Economics student

I have always dreamt of becoming a nurse ... I believe with your help I will manage to achieve my dream of becoming a good nurse and save a lot of lives.”


Public Health student


Clinical Medicine student


Physiotherapy student


Economics student

These 10 Archie's HOPE scholars are all grateful for the opportunity to study hard in order to reach their goal of ending the cycle of poverty.

Your support will continue to impact lives for many years - as even more young people get the skills they need to pursue formal careers.


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