Grants From Guru Krupa Foundation Provide Educational Boost for Children and Youth in India

Longtime partner of Children International has supported education enrichment programs for disadvantaged children in Delhi, India, since 2012.

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Julie DeVoe

Kansas City, MO (September 30, 2019) – India’s impressive economic growth in recent years meant that the government had sufficient resources to invest in public education. But Asia’s third-largest economy has recently suffered from its weakest growth rate in five years. In fact, government spending on school education has actually decreased since 2015, when corrected for inflation.

Unfortunately, when economies slow, the poor usually suffer the most. And children from disadvantaged backgrounds already face extreme barriers when trying to complete their schooling.

In India, many parents cannot afford the costs of their child’s education, which can include uniforms, transportation, supplies, books and even school fees. When kids do make it to school, they often face poor learning environments, such as a lack of qualified teachers, outdated methods and materials, overcrowded classrooms, and more.

In partnership with the Guru Krupa Foundation, Children International, a nonprofit organization, is working to ensure children in Delhi have access to tutoring assistance and educational resources, regardless of the up-and-down realities of public sector funding.

Throughout India, Children International provides nearly 20,000 children and youth with life-changing opportunities and services they need to escape the cycle of poverty. Education is one of the pillars of the organization’s long-term approach, empowering young people from low-income communities to recreate their lives.

A longtime supporter of Children International’s education programs in India, the Guru Krupa Foundation has, for a third consecutive year, awarded a generous grant to help cover the costs of operating eight learning resource centers in and around Delhi.   

The Guru Krupa Foundation’s funding has provided thousands of impoverished children and teens access to a variety of resources, such as computers, textbooks, reading materials and art supplies. Additionally, kids can take part in structured learning activities and high-quality tutoring programs at the learning resource centers to help them master core subjects, including mathematics, reading comprehension and science.

Students coming to the learning resource centers are also empowered through Children International’s social and financial education program, which teaches kids about their rights, personal responsibility, social skills, and money and resource management.

Education is one of Children International’s main areas of focus in helping kids break the cycle of poverty, which is why the organization supports students around the world in their studies. The nonprofit provides school fees, uniforms, supplies and scholarships, and other academic tools in child-friendly learning environments.

About the Guru Krupa Foundation  (

Incorporated in New York State, GKF is a private foundation that funds several charitable causes including those involving religion, culture, social progress and/or education. The foundation’s principles and philosophy are derived from the value system of Hinduism and its main tenet of helping those who are less fortunate than yourself.


Who is Children International?

Children International, based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, is a global nonprofit that delivers child and youth development programming to break the cycle of generational poverty. Through a customized approach, Children International serves young people in Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, Zambia and the United States for the first two decades of their lives. The organization provides access to health care, education, positive role models, and the life and job skills they need to become gainfully employed. When equipped to improve their own lives, young people also transform their families and communities, and, as a result, multiply good in the world. For more information, visit


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