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The children, through their involvement with the orchestra, become empowered and their lives are transformed, right before your eyes.

We hope you enjoy this documentary as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. We hope you are inspired by the strength of empowerment. And we hope you will support the mission of Children International to bring people together to end poverty forever.

We would love to tell you more, but it is best said through the inspiring words of Hermelinda Guarín, CI's agency director in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Hermelinda Guarín

I have to tell you that I can't help it — that my eyes fill with tears every time I have the opportunity to see these kids playing these instruments. I cannot believe how much progress they have made in such a short time. El Sistema is influencing our children and youth in a very positive way.

They are not just learning how to play an instrument but learning about life skills like teamwork, discipline and creativity, among others. They are also learning that no matter how hard life is for some of them, they deserve to be happy, to enjoy life, to have a fun space where they can dream and make their dreams come true.”

Hermelinda Guarín, agency director

The Sally and Dick Roberts Coyote Foundation

The Sally and Dick Roberts Coyote Foundation focuses on innovations in learning, enhancing intercultural and global understanding, the advancement of music, facilitating interpersonal communication and creativity, and deepening human values and human relations. They have been a key partner for Children International programs in the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Dick wrote about the partnership with Children International a few years ago:
“CI centers are already community hubs, longtime sources of medical, school, tutoring support and places offering a variety of other activities. Layered on this is the orchestral program with its highly gifted mentors and teachers. Their professionalism — not only as musicians but also in building teamwork, companionship and ethical values among their kids — creates a community of musicians of its own. Finally, the parental support is critical for this program. Music is no less a part of the parents' culture than it is of the children's, and they are proud as they see their kids practicing and gaining expertise. The music of the country becomes the music at the center.”

The Sally and Dick Roberts Coyote Foundation

Mission to Empower Children

Children in impoverished communities need the essentials: health care, safety and education — that’s step one. But to truly end generational poverty, children must have hope for the future and see possibilities for themselves beyond their circumstances. At Children International, we believe confidence grows as children develop leadership skills, understand social responsibility and take an active role in their community. When you make a gift to our empowerment programs, you’re supporting life-changing initiatives that build teamwork and encourage children to make an impact that lasts.


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