Children International improves the lives of poor children and youth by providing basic necessities, critical benefits and services, programs that support long-term development and opportunities that prepare them for success. Our core programs create a solid foundation for children of all ages, while our comprehensive youth programs are designed to position youth for employment and help them become self-reliant adults and contributing members of their communities. We accomplish this by focusing on the following areas.

Healthcare for children in poverty


Children living in extreme poverty are exposed to numerous health dangers every day. By providing regular medical checkups, curative care and medicine, we ensure each child's growth and development. In addition, we provide regular dental checkups and treatment to children in need.

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Education programs for children in poverty


The surest path out of poverty is education. Unfortunately, education is sometimes considered a luxury by families in poverty, and even those who value it often find it difficult to afford. We support basic education by providing benefits such as school supplies, fees and uniforms. Additionally, our HOPE Fund helps qualified youth complete secondary school and attend vocational training, colleges and universities.

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Child protection for poor communities


Children International is committed to protecting the rights of children. Our unique community centers offer a nurturing environment, caring professional staff, and trained volunteers, all of whom provide much-needed care and support, and serve as positive role models. Centers also offer safe places for children to play, meeting spaces for youth and libraries to read and learn.

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Help fight child malnutrition in poor communities


Good nutrition is difficult to maintain for families in poverty who are already struggling to afford basic essentials for their children. We regularly screen children for malnutrition and provide rehabilitation for those who need it. In addition, our nutrition education programs help children and their parents make healthy choices and prepare meals from locally-available foods. And when disaster strikes or families find themselves in crisis, our Lifeline Food Program offers relief.

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Supporting communities with material aid

Material Aid

We work with a broad network of partner organizations and donors to offer a wide range of material aid, such as shoes, clothing, medication, school supplies, household items, education assistance, scholarships and much more, to impoverished children and youth, their families and their communities around the world.

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Youth development programs for children in poverty

Youth Development

Our unique Youth Development Programs are designed to help youth ages 12 to 19 develop the personal characteristics, values, problem-solving abilities and resilience that will help them stay in school, make informed decisions, and become the kind of self-reliant adults who are capable of improving their own lives and communities.

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Youth programs to prepare impoverished teens for employment opportunities

Youth Employability

Children International's core development programs for children and youth build a solid foundation for them to take the next step: employment. Preparing impoverished youth to become successful, self-reliant adults takes specialized programs to ensure they acquire the life skills they'll need to find a place in today's job market.

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Community support programs for families in need

Community Support and Development

One of the best ways to impact a poor child's life is to improve the community in which they live and empower residents to make change possible. We have a wide variety of community-support programs that impact thousands of children and their families on a daily basis.

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Preparedness and Disaster Response for poor communities

Disaster Preparedness and Response

When disasters strike the communities we serve, Children International is among the first organizations on the ground assessing needs, distributing emergency food and water and helping families locate temporary shelter. Our relief efforts run the spectrum from disaster-preparedness training and drills to providing safe places for children and housing for families who were forced to resettle.

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