Send a hug around the world!

Give a Special Hug to someone who really needs one!

September 17 is Special Hug Day, the chance to honor the families of sponsored children for their amazing spirit despite the challenges they face. Your donation will provide them with household goods that we often take for granted. You’d be amazed at how much a set of new dishes, towels or pots and pans can lift a family’s spirits


From making a lasting difference in one child’s life to uplifting a community of thousands, this is your chance to make the world a better place. Contribute now to start transforming lives!

Help a child in need

Help a Child

There are so many children in poverty who need your help. You can offer that support by donating to Help a Child. Your contribution will help us provide critical health services, educational support, clothing, and nutritional assistance to children in need. Learn How to Help a Child.

Suggested donation: $50. Your donation: $ 

Help families in poverty through our programs

Help a Family

You’ll be surprised how many lives you can affect with a donation to Help a Family. Your gift will help us provide urgent nutritional assistance, medicine, household goods, anti-parasite treatments and more to families in need. Learn How to Help a Family.

Suggested donation: $250. Your donation: $ 

Your donation can help support communities in poverty

Help a Community

To make the broadest impact on the largest number of people, give to Help a Community. By supporting a community, your contribution will help us build community centers and medical clinics, provide disaster relief and fund programs that affect thousands of lives. Learn How to Help a Community.

Suggested donation: $1000. Your donation: $ 


In Honor/Memorial Gifts: To make a donation for children in honor or memory of someone, check the box that says, I would like to make my donation in the name of a friend or loved one when filling out your donation form.

Matching Gifts: Many private employers participate in pre-tax plans that match donations their employees make to charitable organizations that help children. Check your company’s policy and double the power of your gift!

Combined Federal Campaign: If you’re a federal employee, you can increase your giving power by donating through the Combined Federal Campaign, which matches your contributions to charitable NGOs.


Your generous contributions boost the power of sponsorship by helping us:

  • Address additional and often urgent medical needs like tuberculosis and provide emergency food programs for children in need
  • Offer additional educational opportunities for sponsored children and youth, including tutors, job and life skills workshops, scholarships and more
  • Maintain preventive health programs like our anti-parasite campaign that impact hundreds of thousands of people
  • Continue providing benefits to children who have lost their sponsors but still need assistance
  • Deliver relief supplies to victims of disasters, including shelter, food, water, clothing, medicine and rebuilding supplies.


“Children International helped me become a responsible adult. It taught me that even people who need help can make changes in their communities. People who participate in this program are grateful for the help…for the chance to become better human beings.”

—Susana Calderon (Former sponsored child)
Quito, Ecuador

“Life is better now. When you have skills and an education, you have less worries and fears. You are confident that you can use what you’ve learned to have a better life.”

—Stanly Sobretodo (Former sponsored child)
Manila, Philippines