What Is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is an incredibly powerful way to help one poor child break the bonds of poverty. It connects you with an individual child who desperately needs your help, and lets you provide life-changing benefits to that child for a low monthly contribution. Sponsorship is your chance to build a lifelong friendship with a child in poverty, one that will alter the course of his or her life.

Sponsor a Child in NeedHow Sponsorship Helps Children in Need

Your sponsorship ensures your sponsored child receives support through every phase of his or her young life. It provides health and dental care, as well as medicine and nutritional support to help your child stay healthy. Your sponsored child will also receive basic necessities like sturdy shoes and clothing, school uniforms, tuition or supplies so that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of his or her education. When your sponsored child reaches age 12, he or she will have access to a world-class Youth Program full of activities designed to transform youth into confident and responsible young adults prepared for success.

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Donations for children in need

Where Your Donation Goes

As a sponsor, you’ll be amazed by how much can be accomplished with so little. Your small monthly contribution guarantees your sponsored child receives benefits and support that can dramatically change his or her life. We make that possible by maximizing efficiency and keeping administrative costs low so that 82% of our total expenses go directly to the benefits and youth programs that help support sponsored children and their families.

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Help children break the cycle of poverty

Success Story

Breaking the Cycle

CI's youth programs help young people avoid gangs and violence and prepare for a self-sufficient future.
December 16, 2013 – Tags: how violence affects youth, programs that try to curb violence for youth More...

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Sponsoring a child can help fight poverty

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With Your Help

Our child sponsorship organization has improved millions of lives and helped thousands of children escape poverty’s grasp…but none of it would’ve been possible without supporters like you. Here are just a few of the things we accomplish together:

  • Operate over 80 community centers in the countries we serve, offering poor children safe, positive places to learn and grow

  • Provide hundreds of thousands of free medical and dental exams to children in poverty

  • Distribute food and relief supplies to victims of man-made and natural disasters in the communities we support

  • Help thousands of kids overcome obstacles to their education

  • Grant hundreds of HOPE scholarships each year so qualified youth can further their education.

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Did You Know?

One thing that makes CI different is the fact that we encourage our sponsors to visit their sponsored children. On average, we facilitate over 700 sponsor visits every year!